Welcome to ABCON. We have over 16 years experience in the consumer and industrial products market, particularly providing New Product Development (NPD), product sourcing and Quality Assurance (QA) services to household brands, major retail shops and their suppliers, and since 2007 we have been supplying our highly popular, innovative, ABCON branded products as well as from carefully selected third parties, an area of the business that is seeing rapid growth.
Many of the products we have developed for other companies can be found sold all across the world by internet and high street retailers, even TV shopping channels! What is particularly nice to see are products we developed several years ago still selling well and we feel particularly proud when one of our products wins an award.

The group, under its brand ABCON Scales & Balances has already become one the leading suppliers of digital scales within the UK and it's internet shopping brand gadgetGaGa (.com coming soon) has quickly gained popularity as an internet seller on different e-commerce platforms with more and more products being added to its range.
We want you to be delighted with the products and service you receive from us. Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you.
Our Story
Founded by Adrian Conway in the mid-’90s whilst at university, ABCON started initially developing and supplying bespoke computer systems for fellow students and lecturers. By 1998 the company had grown into other product areas such as inkjet consumables and mobile phone accessories. Our products could be found in many high street shops including the prestigious Selfridges department store in London and we could be seen at many public shows across the UK, selling directly to crowds of people viewing lively product demonstrations from the tiniest stands possible, much to the dislike of our much larger competitors.
By the summer of 1998, having already left university with a B.Sc. degree, and despite still being a very small company, Adrian sold the product sales part of the business to one of its biggest customers to concentrate more on product management, particularly in the areas of product sourcing, New Product Development and Quality Assurance. Adrian found himself working with some of the largest and most famous privately owned companies in the world, particularly Würth of Germany, JML (John Mills Ltd.) and Philex Electronics of the UK, working in very diverse product categories such as automotive, chemical, home electronics, health and beauty, and even lingerie!

After the launch of the popular BBC TV programme Dragon's Den, we began to be approached by several of the shows applicants, inventors and individuals who had product ideas they wanted to develop, asking us to help them realise their products and bring them to the stage where they had them costed, carried out all necessary due diligence
and had found a manufacturer who was ready to mass produce the produce after approving prototypes, packaging or pre-production samples.

With a huge amount of knowledge and experience gained over the previous years, in 2007 ABCON was re-launched, still offering product development services but also an entirely new range of innovative and great value for money products under its own ABCON brand and selling products from other carefully selected companies.

Today the variety of ABCON branded products is expanding, especially the ABCON Scales & Balances range of digital scales, we are working with new distributors and retail partners across the world whilst still providing product development services and developing the gadgetGaGa internet shopping brand.
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John Johnson, 11 August 2011

ABCON Scales & Balances